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Some sites are not opening with BSNL Broadband – Solved

How many of you are using BSNL broadband at your home or office? If your answer is yes.,I do not know whether you are facing this problem or not but I was experiencing it from the past few weeks with my bsnl internet connection.

Problem is, some sites are not opening with BSNL broadband

I found that some sites are not opening using my bsnl internet. Sites like bitly.com or even my own blog sites were unavailable for me. Everytime I was getting the message that “The web page is unavailable”.

some sites are not opening with bsnl
Chrome Error Page

Initially, I thought it could be a problem with that particular website server but it took my rapt attention when on the same day I opened these sites using Alliance Broadband connection.

Using BSNL broadband connection and getting Chrome message – “The web page is unavailable” was getting on my nerves.

I was absolutely clueless about how to solve this issue? I had no other choice than waiting for BSNL to withdraw the block. But without disappointing me, BSNL customer care hardly took any action regarding this.

I was going through parallel search in some forums with the same issue. But I found that it was not so common with others.

But as a bolt from the blue, a forum post just did the magic. It was clearly written that the default DNS values of BSNL broadband can sometimes create such problems.

So what is the solution?

The actual problem was in the default DNS value provided by the BSNL broadband. So I had to replace the value with another valid one. But what is the another valid value?

Here it goes:

Generally you will find that default values are
Primary DNS is: &
Secondary DNS is:

tplink router dns change for bsnl
DNS Settings for a TP-Link Router

But a slight change in the above DNS values unlocked my gateway to all sites that was not opening earlier.

Your modified DNS will be
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

If this does not solve your problem then one another modification you have to apply. Change the MTU value also from 1480 to 1430.

How to change these values?

You can easily change these values from your router settings page. To open that page,

  • You need to open your preferred internet browser and type or and hit enter.
    It will prompt you to enter login credentials.
  • Enter “admin” as both your username and password. It will take you to the settings page of your router.
  • Go to Network —-> WAN settings —-> Advance and change the values of MTU Size (in bytes): to 1430 and DNS values and save it.
  • Then switch off your router and switch it back, wait until it revive back and enjoy the freedom.
Thats it...
Are you facing the same problem with your BSNL broadband connection? Is this solution helped you to overcome the problem? Waiting for your kind comments and suggestion.
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  1. Hey Tuhinn, I faced the same issue. OMG, I thought it was just me! 😐 BSNL has to fix such issues from coming back in future. I was rescued by a IT member on the floor.

  2. thanks a lot… it fixed my issue with bsnl ftth.. amazon, flipkart and many sites weren’t opening.. now its..

  3. there was no DNS entered, i just changed MTU value from 1492 to 1430 and it solved the problem. Thanks

  4. I was facing the issue while trying to open bankofamerica(dot)com. I had no issues with other websites. I used the suggestion provided in this article and it started working. And of course, I am a BSNL broadband user.

  5. Thank you so much. I recently switched to BSNL and was facing this issue and after applying the MTU fix, it worked.

  6. thanks for the information!

  7. 1480 to 1430 worked for me like a charm. Thanks a lot.

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  8. Thank you. Its solved my issue. It was a nightmare.. 🙂

  9. if this still didnt hep you try this method it worked for me
    watch video

  10. Thanks brother, solved my problem

  11. Changed mtu and it’s working. Thanks..

  12. bsnl broadband connection facebook not working

  13. Thank You for the solution

  14. This is not helping me either , but thanks for no help.

  15. 1430 does the trick! Thanks so much.

  16. Thanks for 1430

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