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Share the load with Apps – Lead a happy family

Our patriarchal society always lead us with the notion that Women are meant to serve the house and Men will only earn for the house. But the scenario has changed a lot these days when women are equally participating in jobs to earn for her family along with their husbands. But the scenario which has not changed much is still the women need to do all the housework along with her jobs. Mentality has not changed significantly in our society where we can find out that men are sharing the load of housework with their better halves. It has become quite obvious for the society that whatever happen, women are the only gender who has to do the housework in any situation.

But our generation who are sensitive about various society issues. Who protest for corruptions, fight for cast inequality, fight for net neutrality should also understand the importance of #ShareTheLoad. As we say, “charity begins at home”, but not as charity, we should say “responsibility begins at home” then we can set it for others.

Share The Load

In many cases, I have found that lot of time we hardly know about the requirements of our home. The requirements may be of grocery, stationery, or any household things or in our busy schedule we forget to share the duties we need to fulfill. This is due to lack of miscommunication.

I would like to introduce here some technologies which may guide us or help us to remain connected and can inform us about the requirements or we can share our thoughts with our women.

All we need is two Android Phone and a shared email ID which is configured in both the phone.

The apps are here:

Wunderlist To-do Lists and Tasks:

Wunderlist at Google Play Store

This app has evolved with some great features along with its To Do lists making. Install this app in both the phone and login with the shared email ID in both the phone. So now on whatever is your requirements for yourself or for your kids, precisely for your family you can just jot it down there and it will be synced in your partners phone also. You can also converse there regarding any listed things and once the duty is fulfilled you can just check it so it will show completed.

Sharing makes things easier for us. Why not try it and share your experience here!!

I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel.

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