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Reduce your effort while choosing your next Driver

Getting a car is not everything unless you are comfortable with driving on busy roads. Even sometimes, after reaching the destination, one hardly finds a place to park the vehicle and end up with losing precious time. Are you one of the victims of all these hustles? But you are not the only one.

After all these, one might think of a Krishna, I mean Sarthi AKA driver to take care of his vehicle. But that’s not an easy job to find a trustworthy person who can satisfy your needs while you are sure about his authenticity.
Are you?
If you have such one, believe me, you are much relaxed than 70% of driver owners.

But certainly when you are appointing someone to give direction to your daily life, a proper CV of the person is highly required rather than getting referred by your milkman or newspaperwala or neighbourhood.

Few questions which generally appears in your mind before you keep one for sure, that whether the person has any previous criminal records, is his licence is true in all sense? from where does he belong?

But you don’t have so much time to verify all these by yourselves and it will be impractical too while you have to do all these steps for more than one to choose between.

Usually, a solution is highly solicited and Saaarthi.com is the current place to get answers to all these questions.

As per their agenda, they have generated a handful of a database of drivers around the city of Mumbai. If you are going to ask “So what?” pause for a minute.

All these drivers are verified by the local police station, and their details like fingerprints and other important detail have been recorded. So that if some mishap, one can trace the person easily.

As per Saaarthi.com this is called Smart CV (SCV) system which will ensure that one can hire a driver who is pre-checked to avoid future legal hassles.

Saaarthi.com assure this system will help to bring a happy ecosystem in between the customer and the domestic help sector.

So now on you don’t have to rely on neighbourhoods referral for your next driver, but you can trust drivers delivered by Saaarthi.com.

Although only Mumbai dwellers will be able to experience this service right now. So if you have already experienced this service or you are going to experience this in future please share your opinion regarding this.

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