URL Shortening & Tracking Tools Google Vs Bitly

Shortened url appeared most effective when Twitter came into action. As micro blogging sites like Twitter allows only limited characters, url shortening service plays a vital role here. Shortened url acts as short url and also as real-time tracker. Link tracking is one of the most vital part of online marketing analytics. Track your …

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Whatsapp Call – Open to All

Wait is over and now the long awaited Whatsapp voice call feature is activated on all updated android device. The required version of Whatsapp to avail this feature is 2.12.5 or above. This service has been activated region-wise based on application’s popularity and use. Initially it was started on invitation …

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Do Email Marketing Yourself : Mailchimp Mantra

Mailchimp Webitbuddy

Why Email Marketing In this global age of internet, use of online tools is a necessity to market your product, to attract audience or to convey messages to a huge number of audience having online presence. There are many, but Email is one of the most important tool since a long period of time. While …

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ICICI Insta Banking – Success or Failure

icici instabanking review

I always remain horrified about visiting a bank branch physically for the sake of any financial or non-financial task specifically because of its queue and the time it consume looking at others totally clueless while standing on a queue. I always entertained others to use net banking to send me …

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Free Whatsapp (Official) for your PC – User Guide


Whatsapp messenger has occupied a large market of messaging application all over the world. Whatsapp app is available for almost all mobile platform and available for Free download.  It only consumes your mobile data plan or wifi if available. Whatsapp have won the heart of mobile users who are involved in vigorous messaging …

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