15 minutes guide to start Free Internet Radio


In this article, I am going to discuss all that I know about Free Internet Radio service. Internet Radio is basically an audio transmission service via the internet. The most important fact of internet radio is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world via an uninterrupted internet connection. You can transmit …

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Google Password Alert Extension Facts


You cannot deny Google in your online activities. More or less everyone using internet possess a Gmail account too. A Gmail account does not give access to your inbox only, but it is associated with other Google features i.e. Google Drive, Blogger, Adsense, Analytics and many more. If you are using …

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Top 10 reliable donation links to help Nepal Earthquake Victims


A week is passing by after the major earthquake in Nepal. We have lost over 5000 lives from the earth in this calamity. The country is going through severe scarcity of food and drinking water, there is almost no shelter for most of the people. Think about the most vulnerable conditions …

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Stay away better with OYO rooms : Review

I was quite unaware of it till yesterday and since I have seen their ad on Facebook, I was very keen to write about their achievements. My love for online ventures now pushing me to write about OYOrooms which is a technology driven chain of standardized budget hotels. Their technology based …

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The ultimate guide to Facebook Web Messenger

Facebook Messenger.com

After a dedicated mobile application for Facebook messenger now Facebook has launched a dedicated web version for their message service. www.messenger.com is the new alternate location for the Facebook messenger for the Desktop / Laptop users. It is giving a distraction free environment to Facebook messenger users, as using this web version, …

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10 most popular opera extensions for productive blogging

Popular Opera Extensions by Webitbuddy

I was looking for an alternative internet browser other than Chrome and Firefox as the desktop from where I do blog is shared by my family members and most of the time those popular internet browsers remain filled with too many bookmarks or sometimes other plugins which were becoming reason of harassment …

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Optimize Facebook photos and increase traffic


When the importance of visual marketing is increasing day by day, it is obvious that we should know the in-depth features of the visual contents which can really help us to attract audience with an effective marketing. Here in this article I have tried to discuss about Facebook Photo. How you can …

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