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Easiest way to go online with your Products : go Instamojo

When you think of going online with your products, you often stuck with collecting payments. How your customer going to pay you!
The traditional way of collecting cash from the individual is a tedious process.
Adding a beneficiary after knowing his/her A/c No., IFS Code is the next level to make a payment to a seller.

But isn’t it most suitable to pay through a link without going through all these hassles? Just use your Debit / Credit card or Net banking and now even your e-wallets to make payments.

Instamojo.com, most of you have either heard of it or not but it is the most useful solution to collect payment online for all sorts of products.
While you have to go through various time taking procedures to have the traditional online payment gateways, Instamojo is making it easier for small-scale sellers. You can really go online within 2 minutes (all depends on your typing speed 😛 ).


It is as useful to sell digital goods like audio songs, ebooks or anything that can be shared digitally or physical products like clothing, magazines and anything that you able to produce and ship.

Warehouse is you! Just helping you to collect payment online

Unlike other online store giants like Amazon and Flipkart in India, Instamojo does not provide any warehouse support but it solely provides the payment gateway support in shortest possible time.


1. Create your account
2. Upload your products and set price.
3. Share the links and go for sell.
4. Receive payments and ship your goods to the customer.


Sign up and start accepting payments using this link and get INR 500.

Let me know about your further queries regarding use of Instamojo in best possible way. Leave your comments and share it if you think it will going to be a game changer for a few people around  us.

If you want any help regarding setting up your own store or want to go online with your products, drop an email at tuhinn[at]webitbuddy[dot]org or whatsapp me at 09830027257. Don’t hesitate because I will not charge for over the phone consultancy but only if you need my help to implement it.

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