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BookMyShow has introduced an AddOn with online ticket booking system

Standing in a long queue to book a ticket of a blockbuster has now become obsolete. Like few other in the race, BookMyShow has really made a mark with their online ticketing service. As soon as their service began in our City, I could remember that I have always opted their service to reserve the seat for me or my family. Along with their ticket booking service for movies, I have also tried their service for booking tickets of Plays. Being an intellectual citizen of Kolkata, we are fond of hustling for a ticket to a Play more than a movie. Undoubtedly, I have been served pretty well and satisfied with this queueless service in the entertainment sector. I am pretty sure that they are equally well organising other services like ticket booking for sports and live events, though I have not tried them as of now.

This blog post is to share their most recent feature called “MyCoupons”. They have started this service in a pilot phase throughout Mumbai and Pune.

What is it?

As per the term, you might have guessed that they are offering some coupons to use with their service. Exactly, what have they started is to give away free coupons AKA discount vouchers to be used to fill your tummy after or before the show.

When will you get it?

As per their report, the coupons will be provided as soon as you book a ticket via www.bookmyshow.com. Discount coupons for nearer restaurants can be availed immediately after booking one or more tickets.

I found it pretty similar to the service provided by PayTm or Mobikwik. If you are familiar with these e-commerce sites which are dealing with Mobile recharge or Bill pay, you can see that after every recharge or bill pay you usually get an option to choose a discount coupon to avail from various stores and services.

The connection…

Though not so unique concept by BookMyShow this time, but the restaurants and movie have a real-time connection and which can really play well. Who does not want to open up their pockets after watching a good or flop show, to satisfy their taste sense?

So for the movie lovers, it is a real good news to save your pocket in another way. BookMyShow has yet to extend their pilot project in 348 other cities, where they are currently providing ticket booking service. From my side, the city of cinema, Kolkata is really ready to welcome your recent offer.

Though this offer is currently available through their website only, but it is the utmost necessity to incorporate it in their app ASAP.

Tieing up with more and more eateries is also a demand to suit everyone’s pocket. In this way, it will be a really great add-on for the online ticket booking via www.bookmyshow.com

If you have already started liking this concept, please go through this link https://in.bmscdn.com/bmsin/static/pdf-press-release/bookmyshow-introduces-mycoupons-april-27-2016.pdf to take a deeper journey and you are free to call up their media contacts to shout out your demand.

Have you already experienced this service? Please feel free to share your favourite dishes, because I will watch movies of my choice only. HaHaHa.

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