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My business is to make your business better


First of all, thank you for visiting WebITBuddy.

You are here because you might have generated a bit of interest in Digital Marketing or just dropped here accidentally. But if you are interested in digital marketing, might be for your business, brand or for yourself. Here I am trying to guide micro, small and medium scale business houses across the globe to effectively use the digital methods to get the maximum outcome from it. 

WebITBuddy is my brand name and I am Tuhinn here to guide you with day to day updates from the digital marketing world.

What is digital marketing?

Conventional marketing of your business/brand through printed ads, tv commercials, street hoardings etc is pretty costly and tough to operate if you are just stepping in and there is a chance that you might end up spending lot of money in it if not done with properly.

In this age of internet and the rapid inclusion of social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.) has opened a new dimension of marketing, which can be accomplished at much lower cost and with precise options to achieve your target.

Moto is not to work for, but to work with you

No, not as a client but I treat all the business/brand as of my own and work with it for its betterment. 

I work through the following process:

  1. To know the requirement of the business/brand
  2. Analysis and preparation of strategies.
  3. Budget analysis and strategy optimization.
  4. Implementation of the strategy.
  5. Monthly report generation and analysis.
  6. Measurement of ROI (Return on Investment).
  7. Further strategy implementation for optimal function. 

If you think I can do something for you! Drop a message

I am keenly interested to work on various projects from any field. I am ready to assist you to setup your near to perfect digital marketing plan. Drop a message for me and let me get back to you ASAP.